Our values

Passion and quality

Passion is our main driving force. Passion allows us to surpass and to invest ourselves fully in all the projects that we undertake. We spend most of our lives working, or preparing for it. We are convinced that to be fulfilled, you have to be passionate about your work.

This personal involvement leads us to look for exemplary quality. Well done job will not be redone and technical debt management is one of the major challenges of software development. You can count on us to always go the extra mile that makes all the difference.

Reactivity an open mind

Digital world is changing very quickly. We believe the key to survival in this environment is to be reactive. This is also the name of the architectural principles that inspire us.

To be able to adapt to a fast-moving world, you must not only be reactive in the processes, but also accept to change and be open-minded. We are only sure of one thing: we are not sure of anything. Everything can be questioned when the arguments are relevant. We learn continuously and maintain our critical thinking.

Transparency and simplicity

Transparency is the key to trust. We strongly believe in movements like open data and free software. With this in mind, the status of our services is accessible. We regularly describe our processes on blog as well as the tools we use on on this page .

It's easy to make it complicated and it's complicated to keep it simple. We will never use the number of lines of codes as a selling point: « Less is more ». Less code means fewer bugs, lower maintenance and lesser costs. When we hesitate between two decisions, we always choose the simplest. Léonard de Vinci : « Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. »