Terms of use

Updated 07/01/2019

This page describes the conditions that the users of the Koumoul platform are subject.

Who is this service for?

The Koumoul platform is accessible to everyone, without age restriction. It is above all intended for people wishing to share and enhance their data.

Platform functionalities

Our platform allows people or organizations to enhance and share their data, in public or in private. Data sharing is done through download links, APIs, configurable data visualizations and applications.

The platform provides data accessible via API. The terms of access to each data source are described directly on the service description sheets. We provide applications to consume or visualize this data. These applications consume the APIs of our platform and possibly APIs from other platforms. The applications can be used freely as long as the terms of access to the APIs described above are respected.

Our platform also provides educational resources on how it works and the techniques or processes we use. Refer to the section below on intellectual property to use these resources.

User account

Users who are at least 13 years old can create an account on the Koumoul platform. Each person has the right to create only one account on our platform. If we detect that 2 accounts belong to the same person, we reserve the right to deactivate one of the two, or both accounts. The creation of an account implies acceptance of the conditions of use of personal data. The privacy policy page explains what we collect and how we use your personal data.

To delete your account you can send an email to contact@koumoul.com. Account deletion involves the termination and deletion of all subscriptions or user licenses taken out by this account. Data deletion is immediate in the database in production. Our backups of this database have a maximum duration of 1 year, the information relating to the deleted account is permanently deleted and irrecoverable after this period.

Intellectual property

The data made available on the platform are, if it is not specified at the data source level, under open license.

The illustrations on this platform are from public domain. The texts and blog articles on this platform are, unless otherwise stated, licensed CC-BY-SA.

Unless otherwise stated, and if not mentioned previously, the remaining of the web site is copyright Koumoul.

Compatibility with web browsers

The Koumoul platform is based on recent technologies and we support the last 2 major versions of each web browser. Our platform is based, among other things, on the SVG format, it is necessary to have a browser fully supporting version 1.1 of this format to fully benefit from the functionality of the site.

It is possible that there are bugs with some browsers in the list above that we have not seen, in this case you can submit them to us at this address: support@koumoul.com.

Securing the service

All the technologies used on our platform are recent and regularly updated, which guarantees a low number of security vulnerabilities and rapid correction. You will find more information on these technologies on the page describing our technical stack.

All connections to the Koumoul platform are encrypted and are made through the https protocol. Passwords are protected by modern cryptographic algorithms (hashing with salting).

The authentication tokens are JSON Web Token (JWT). They are only stored in your browser as cookies and have a lifespan of 30 days. They are renewed every time you access our platform.

Service availability and responsiveness

We try to ensure that the service has maximum availability and responsiveness.Our service is available at least 99.9% of the time. To guarantee total transparency, the status of our various services are available on this page.

To ensure maximum responsiveness, we try to have a lightweight application and are committed to having a total page size of less than 1MB and a reduced number of HTTP requests (< 20) at initial loading. If you notice any delays in using our platform, contact us at this address: support@koumoul.com.

Service hosting

The Koumoul platform is hosted on the cloud of OVH, in France. The availability of our platform is of course dependent on the availability of the machines provided and we cannot guarantee a higher level of availability than that of our host. We reserve the right to change the host or the location of the servers at any time.

Koumoul platform Updates

Our platform is regularly updated, to correct bugs or add new features. We try to communicate about these changes through various media such as our blog or our Twitter account, but we do not necessarily inform our registered users by email.

Update of the terms of use

Any modification to the terms of use will be reported here and the modification date will be updated. Registered users will be notified by email of any update to these conditions.